Foyer of Charity

A Catholic Community Offering Retreats and Weekends of Prayer to All

Martha Robin

Most Beloved Mother,
you who know so well the paths of holiness and of love,
teach us to often lift our mind and our heart often to God,
to fix our respectful and loving attention on the Trinity.
And since you walk with us on the path of eternal life,
do not remain a stranger to the weak pilgrims that your charity is ready to welcome;
turn your merciful face to us,
draw us into your light, flood us into your kindnesses,
Take us into the Light and the Love,
Always takes us further and higher into the splendors of heaven.
Let nothing ever trouble our peace,
nor turn us from the thought of God;
but let each minute take us further
into the depths of the awesome Mystery,
until that day when our soul,
fully receptive to the light of the divine union,
will see all things in eternal Love and in Unity.
-Martha Robin

Foyer friends at Martha’s house.
Martha’s House